What You Should Order at Starbucks, According to Your Zodiac Sign

updated Apr 30, 2019
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In case you haven’t noticed, the zodiac is more popular than ever. People are looking to their star signs for guidance on love, work, and money, so why not Starbucks drinks, too? Thankfully, Starbucks invented its very own zodiac chart, which apparently reveals each star signs’ favorite drink order.

The chart might turn out to be useful if you’re trying to settle on a signature Starbucks order, or if you’re planning to pick up a drink for your sweetheart but aren’t entirely sure what she prefers. Of course, Starbucks didn’t include a detailed explanation of how it determined, for instance, that Capricorns prefer cold brew, while a Gemini is more inclined to order an Americano, so this could all be completely random and have absolutely no basis in astrology. But let’s see if we can’t make sense of this chart, anyway.

Take Pisces: The best order for this star sign, according to Starbucks, is a Java Chip Frappuccino. As you may or may not know, Pisces are ruled by their strong, sometimes uncontrollable emotions. A Pisces’ palate is guided by these passionate whims, so it does actually make sense that a Pisces would go straight for the comforts of an indulgent coffee drink that doubles as a drinkable dessert. Plus, most Pisces have an intense sweet tooth.

Or what about a Scorpio? Well, many Scorpios have a dark side, so Starbucks is probably right that a slightly bitter, inky shot of espresso is the way to go for this sign. Given the resolve it takes to down an espresso rather than drink a regular cup of coffee, it makes sense that Scorpios are also passionate and full of energy.

So it seems as though I needlessly doubted Starbucks. This zodiac chart actually does hold water, at least according to the brief experiment I conducted here. So next time you’re having trouble deciding what Starbucks drink to order, simply put your trust in the stars.