You Need to See Starbucks’ New Christmas Tree Frappuccino

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Whoever is responsible for creating all the new Frappuccinos for Starbucks must be a mad genius. The Unicorn Frappuccino seemed like the weirdest beverage a person could imagine when it debuted this summer, but then Starbucks followed that with a Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween. The Zombie Frappuccino was wild, and many people assumed Starbucks would never be able to top a beverage covered in pink whipped cream “brains,” but now Starbucks has released a new Frappuccino for the holidays, and this one is actually topped with a tiny whipped-cream Christmas tree.

Starbucks’ new Christmas Tree Frappuccino is designed to look like a Christmas tree in a cup. The Frappuccino base is a Peppermint Mocha Creme, which represents the trunk of the tree. That’s topped with a towering swirl of green matcha whipped cream, to look like a green Christmas tree. Then that “tree” is festooned with a “garland” of caramel sauce and decorated with candied cranberries for ornaments and a slice of strawberry for a tree topper.

This is not Starbucks’ first beverage designed to evoke a Christmas tree this year. Just last month Starbucks announced its Reserve bars would be serving a new Juniper Latte, but that was a subtle espresso drink with elegant notes of juniper and sage meant to evoke the scent of a Christmas tree. There is nothing subtle about the Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

Starbucks’ newest holiday novelty beverage is a festive, frozen explosion of sugar designed to taste like candy and drive Instagram into a frenzy, and one look at social media shows it’s doing just that.

The new Christmas Tree Frappuccinos went on sale today, and they’ll only be available until Monday, December 11. You’ve got five days to pick out an Instagram filter and get to Starbucks for a drink that looks like a little Christmas tree.

Would you try Starbucks’ new Christmas Tree Frappuccino?