Prepare to Freak Out Over This Star Wars and Le Creuset Collaboration

updated Oct 4, 2019
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Credit: Le Creuset

There’s no shortage of Star Wars-themed stuff for the kitchen. For example, there’s this Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker, these adorable spatulas, cookie cutters, and juice glasses. And on November 1, there will be EVEN MORE — because of a collaboration between the movie folks and Le Creuset. The new collection includes nine pieces and will be available on Le Creuset’s website, Le Creuset Signature Boutiques and Outlet Stores (at full price), and at Williams Sonoma.

Here’s a sneak peek at the collection and what you need to know about each piece.

Credit: Le Creuset

1. Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster, $450

With fall rolling in, this roaster seriously couldn’t come out at a better time. It’s the first roaster from Le Creuset to ever come with a lid and the design is just too funny. It features a casting of Han suspended in carbonite and the inside of the lid has been embossed with the word “France” translated into Aurebesh, the most recognizable written language of the Star Wars galaxy.

Credit: Le Creuset

2. Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven, $395

This Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven, with a glossy black exterior, will welcome you to the dark side. It also has “France” cast into the enameled iron — and it’s embossed with Vader’s menacing mask.

Credit: Le Creuset

3. R2-D2 Mini Cocotte,  $30

Have you ever seen a cuter version of R2-D2? This stoneware cocotte has the droid’s signature blue markings and can be used for serving condiments, toppings, sides or desserts for one, or even just snacks on the coffee table. Plus, you can pair it with two other cocottes below to strengthen your army.

Credit: Le Creuset

4. C-3PO Mini Cocotte, $30

You can’t have R2-D2 without C-3PO. Le Creuset came close to nailing the metallic gold color, too!

Credit: Le Creuset

5. BB-8 Mini Cocotte, $30

This mini cocotte can’t roll around your dining table, but it’s still pretty playful.

Credit: Le Creuset

6. Millennium Falcon Trivet, $20

This heat-resistant silicone is here to help you serve (food) and protect (your table). It’s got intricate details on both the front and back, and your kids may even enjoy flying it around the room when you’re not using it.

Credit: Le Creuset

7. Death Star Trivet, $20

Of course, there’s also a Death Star trivet.

Credit: Le Creuset

8. Porg Pie Bird, $25

What does a Le Creuset pie bird look like if you’re a Star Wars fan? A Porg, of course! This little guy allows steam to ventilate properly, and he looks cute while he does it!

Credit: Le Creuset

9. Star Wars Tatooine Round Dutch Oven, $900

There will only be nine of these made in total and just four for sale in the United States. (You have to sign up in advance to purchase.) So we doubt any of us will ever see one of these in real life, but we still wanted to show it to you because it’s pretty darn cool. Each one was hand-painted in Le Creuset’s French l’Atelier, and the design was inspired by the desert planet that Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker both called home.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Which of these are you most excited about?