I Tried Stanley Tucci’s Signature Martini — Here’s How It Went

published Nov 1, 2022
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I Tried Stanely Tucci's Signature Martini
Credit: Tanqueray No. TEN

Here at Kitchn, it’s absolutely no secret that we adore Stanley Tucci. From watching Searching for Italy to discussing what his favorite summer drink is, we definitely hold him in high culinary regard. So when I was invited to the launch of his new global brand partnership with Tanqueray No. TEN, I canceled my therapy session to attend (this is not a joke and I will not apologize). 

While he might have gone viral during lockdown for making a Negroni, Stanley is also a martini connoisseur. This new campaign, aptly named “Make It a Martini Night,” is all about highlighting how one drink can become everyone’s go-to. 

Credit: Andrea Kaufman

At the launch party, I was greeted with a tray of martinis right off the elevator and this drink turned out to be Stanley’s Signature Martini. It’s described as a modern take on the classic: Stir (do not pull a Bond) four parts gin to one part dry vermouth together, strain into a chilled glass, and finish with a twist of pink grapefruit. So, with absolutely no bartending skills in tow, I recreated this cocktail at home and it’s ~extremely~ simple.

When I tried it at the event, it was strong, but not overpowering as the gin has a fruity, citrus-y flavor to it that adds a little something extra to it. I’m personally partial to tequila and vodka, and this was a nice way to switch things up. And when I made it at home, the result was no different. The drink was light, citrusy, and just as elegant as the man himself.

Credit: Andrea Kaufman

To do my due diligence, I also sampled a few different cocktails at this party — all with Tanqueray, of course. I received a custom drink made to my personal preference that was light, slightly sweet, and very easy to drink since the taste of alcohol was not strong. I also had a sip of my friend’s dirty martini garnished with pickled onion, and while I probably won’t order it again, it was impressively good. Lastly, I tried a cucumber martini that was absolutely delicious! And I do not like the taste or smell of cucumber but I think that the citrusy flavor of the gin helped to balance out the strength of the cucumber. I had two and a hangover the next morning (might need to cut that last bit). 

Stanley has not steered us wrong in the past and this new partnership is no different. It might not be enough to tempt me away from my liquor of choice, but it’s made a strong enough impression for me to consider shaking up my drink order.