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I Tried Stanley Tucci’s Controversial “Ginloma” Cocktail, and It’s Now My Go-To Summer Cocktail

published May 19, 2023
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Ginloma cocktail on sunny windowsill.
Credit: Choya Johnson

It’s no secret that we here at Kitchn are big fans of Stanley Tucci — and personally, I’m always interested to see what he’s whipping up on his social media. No matter if it’s him cooking or creating a cocktail, I’m tuned in. 

While the popular actor and author turned heads recently with his wedding cake revelation, he’s now sparked even more controversy with a tasty spin on the classic Paloma drink. The simple twist on the drink subs out tequila for gin, and after being met with much pushback from his followers on the original video, Tucci renamed the sip the “Ginloma.”

Because I’m usually a fan of gin (and Palomas!), I instantly knew I had to give this a try. A refreshing cocktail after a long day of work? Why not!

Credit: Choya Johnson

How to Make Stanley Tucci’s Ginloma 

This recipe is quite simple and calls for the traditional ingredients of a Paloma. Instead of using tequila, however, you’ll substitute for 70 milliliters of gin. Then, add in 60 milliliters of fresh grapefruit juice, 30 milliliters of fresh lime juice, a splash of agave, and 60 milliliters of soda water (I used Fresca’s Original Grapefruit Citrus flavor). From there, mix in a cocktail shaker, and pour in a highball glass with a grapefruit slice as garnish. 

My Honest Review of Stanley Tucci’s Ginloma 

I’m always down for a good cocktail and this is one for the books. Even though I would prefer to stick with the classic Paloma, I wouldn’t be against a Ginloma at all. It’s super refreshing and all of the ingredients blend together so well. I could see myself making this cocktail again to keep me cool on a hot summer day. 

While Tucci noted that he prefers the gin to the tequila because the tequila “just doesn’t work” for him, you honestly can’t taste the gin much due to it being hidden behind the other ingredients. Nevertheless, just like the Paloma, Tucci’s “Ginloma” is an amazing drink that goes down easily. In fact, it goes down so easily that it might just catch you off-guard on your third round, so be sure to drink responsibly! 

Credit: Choya Johnson

3 Tips for Making Stanley Tucci’s Ginloma 

  1. Don’t skip the sweetness. If you like a sweeter drink, don’t hold back on the agave.
  2. Add the garnish to make it stand out. Whether you’re serving this to guests or just want to have something nice to look at while sipping, don’t skip the garnish. I added dehydrated grapefruit to my drink to give it a little pop. 
  3. Use good-quality gin. Gin usually has a bad rap, but don’t let the gin of the past make you steer clear of trying this out. Find a quality gin to mix into your drink. I used McQueen and The Violet Fog, but you can use whatever you’re open to trying!