Stanley Just Launched an Iconic Collection That Includes My New Favorite Portable Coffee Mug (But You Have to Act Fast!)

published May 30, 2023
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Credit: Stanley

Let’s face it: We all love our water bottles, and some of us probably have a few too many in our collection. (Guilty.) It’s easy to stock up on insulated mugs, bottles, and wine glasses, because they’re perfect for year-round sipping. And, while there are a ton of low-quality pieces on the market, we’ve found a few brands that we trust, since they continuously release durable products made with top-tier materials and thoughtful designs. One such brand: Stanley. They’ve been a top dog in their field since 1913 — and to celebrate their long tenure as industry leaders, the brand just launched the very limited-edition Milestones Collection, which includes some reader- and editor-favorite pieces, such as the Camp Mug, Thermal Bottle, Stacking Beer Pint, and more. I had a chance to test out the collection before it dropped, and I’ll be the first to tell you that they really do live up to the hype. 

This new vintage-inspired collection includes chic design elements that remind us of its early designs — including a cork stopper and beautifully detailed etching — and is available in four different colorways to match any and every aesthetic. The old-school tag lines and labels on the pieces are also a super nice touch since each of the three styles represents a different era in Stanley’s branding. (Our favorite slogan is a straightforward line from the 1940s: “IT WILL NOT BREAK.”) I’ve actually been a fan of the two flasks included in the collection for a while, too, and while the Classic Flask is my go-to piece of camping gear, the Hip Flask is definitely my favorite alcohol-based gift to give. (Father’s Day is right around the corner, people!) 

However, I also got to try out the other pieces in Stanley’s new collection, and none of them disappointed. While you might not think the Camp Mug would be a go-to travel piece, it’s actually perfect for a commute or car ride, since it doesn’t stay too hot for hours (like many other insulated mugs with fully closed lids), so you can actually drink it in a reasonable time. Plus, its easy-pull tab stops you from spilling hot coffee everywhere when you need to take it off. The Thermal Bottle is perfect for bringing a lot of hot or cold coffee or tea wherever there’s a crowd, and I’m looking forward to bringing it to early morning hikes — it might be the selling point I need to get my friends to tag along. 

Last but not least, the Stacking Beer Pint is perfect for bringing anywhere you’re trying to have a beverage outdoors, including the beach, the park, and the pool — or anywhere one might want to inconspicuously circumvent open container laws or glass bottle bans. (Not that we’re advocating you do that, of course.) And just remember: No matter which pieces you want, Stanley’s products are notorious for selling out almost immediately, and we have no doubts that this new vintage-inspired collection will be gone before you know it — so if you want to get your hands on a few of these sweet pieces, you better act fast!