If You Own a Stanley Tumbler, You’ll Want These 5 Cool Accessories

published Jul 7, 2023
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Credit: Stanley

Stanley tumblers are everywhere. If you haven’t bought one for yourself already, the colorful cups have likely crossed your Instagram feed a few dozen times over the past year. And, the outdoor gear brand’s popularity isn’t undeserved — if you’re going to invest in a reusable cup or bottle (as you should), Stanley is the way to go. (We can certainly attest to that.) Many of their products are made of durable and recycled stainless steel, your drink stays the same temperature for hours, and overall, they’re just plain pretty to look at. 

Stanley’s popularity has resulted in a number of spinoffs — remember the Five Below dupe that became a social media obsession earlier this year? And, now that the brand has really cemented themselves as having the public’s tumbler of choice, other brands have started making accessories to make the cup even more useful. We’ve found all of the best accessories on Amazon for your Stanley tumbler, and some are even on sale ahead of Prime Day — so don’t hesitate to snag these ASAP!

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To make your tumbler even more secure than it already is, you need this ingenious spill-proof stopper. If your cup has ever fallen over and your drink has spilled out from the straw, this item will eliminate that annoyance entirely. And in addition to keeping your liquid in, it also keeps dirt out.

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If you want to get a bit cuter with your straw cap, let me point you toward this amazing tumbler-shaped stopper. You read that right: It’s a tiny tumbler to go on the straw of your full-size tumbler! They’re even dishwasher-safe and come in a pack of five different colors.

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To keep your Stanley cup in tip-top shape, this Silicone Boot Protector is a must. It covers the bottom of the tumbler, which gets the most wear and tear after setting it down all the time. Plus, it muffles the loud noise the metal makes when it collides with a solid surface.

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Juggling your bag and your tumbler at the same time can get a little tricky, but with this nifty attachment, you can totally nip that problem in the bud. The heat resistant and washable pouch slips right onto your cup, and can fit your keys, cash, cards and more inside. It’s a fanny pack for your tumbler!

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The Stanley tumbler is travel-ready on its own, but this shoulder strap makes it even more so. When you’re out and about, odds are there’s a time or two when you need both of your hands and have nowhere to put your drink. Plus, the sleeve adds an extra layer of protection to your cup and more insulation.