Stage an Eat-In!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s an Eat-In? It’s when a group of people gather together in a very public place to share food that they have prepared together. The purpose is to bring awareness to the need to create safe, clean and fair food systems and to build community. I think it also sounds like a lot of fun.

The first Eat-In was held last month in San Francisco’s Dolores Park at the end of the Slow Food Nation event. Over 250 young people gathered together at a long, continuous table to share the food they had cooked for each other. The event inspired a group to continue this ‘protest potluck’ which they say is a call to action for people to get out of their cars, turn off their computers and come to the table.

The Eat-In folks have things pretty organized with an eight point how-to section that suggests things like inviting people you don’t know as well as friends, farmers and your local grocer. They also suggest decentralizing the logistics and embracing spontaneity.

You can download a toolkit from their website which has all the details ironed out and some great ideas to get you started. My favorite is to plug a meter on a busy city block and take over the parking spot to stage a sit-down meal or hand out food.

What do you think, Kitchn readers? Is this something you could see yourself doing? It’s getting kind of cold in most parts of the country but maybe you could take over a corner of your local fast food court and organize a slow food pot luck complete with table cloths and candles. Or gather together in a train station or the public library. One rule I would have is to always say ‘Yes, please join us!’ if someone asks for food.

All the information and inspiration you need is on the Eat-In website.

(Image: Eat-In)