Stacks and Stacks: Online

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Stacks and Stacks is another popular giant in online shopping for storage and organization products. Like The Container Store they boast a vast amount of products to help make your kitchen organization chores easier.

From under-sink organizers to a wide array of food containers they have all sorts of storage products to browse and buy. They also sell a good range of generic cookware that seems reasonably priced, like this 5-quart Dutch oven for $59.99.

They also claim excellent customer service and a small-business attention to detail for their customers. They have one retail store in the San Francisco area, and in their 20 years of business seem like they’ve kept that smaller feel. As cooks we perked up when we read this:

Our roster includes people from Mexico, Laos, Cambodia, Mien, Russia, and we even have a Texan. The best part of this International staff is exhibited when we have our monthly Pot Luck lunches. Our warehouse is transformed into a gourmet bazaar with delectable dishes from around the world.

Sounds like they value good food too!

Their prices are fairly average, and while we have found some excellent deals there, they are just one of several options when we purchase storage and organization ware. What about you? What’s your experience with Stacks and Stacks?


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