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The Space-Saving Stackable Mixing Bowls I Always Use for Meal Prep

published Jan 4, 2022
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A person standing in front of an open refrigerator inside a kitchen
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

In 2022, I will be more organized. I don’t think I’m alone in that resolution, either! In my past professional career, I worked in restaurant kitchens with organizational systems in place, like labeled shelves in refrigerators, designated containers for each and every ingredient, and strict dishwashing protocol. Needless to say, in my cramped apartment kitchen… things look a little different!

I just couldn’t seem to get the organization ball rolling — that is, until I acquired this super simple, yet versatile, set of nesting bowls. I know, I know… lots of buildup for a not-so-exciting answer. But, this set of vessels is unparalleled in my book. The sleek Danish bowls, which I ordered from Food 52 (but are also available at Crate & Barrel), were originally designed by an architect for the Queen of Denmark (cool right?).

They come in three sizes, each with a non-slip rim along the bottom which comes in handy when vigorously beating whipped cream or egg whites. The melamine vessels are chip-resistant, ultra-lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and can withstand high heat. Because of their design, I often transfer hot soups and stock into the bowls from my stockpot, then use the built in spout to pour portions into freezer bags for later use. Plus, the modern set comes in an array of subtle and stylish colors.

The best part? They have revolutionized my prep work. The set comes with matching snap-on lids which not only keep the contents of the bowls protected and secure and makes stacking safe. I often find myself using them in place of tupperware, filling a bowl with mirepoix for tomorrow night’s bolognese and stacking it atop my leftover rice salad from today’s lunch in my fridge. It makes separating out ingredients for cakes, hot pots, or any multi-step cooking projects simple, and storing the mise-en-place away for future use even easier!

I even find myself leaving out the medium-sized bowl next to my cutting board and filling it with scraps to save trips to and from the trashcan. These multi-function superheroes are the reason I can be confident in my resolution, plus they’re beautiful enough to leave out on my countertops. I only have one question left to answer: Can you fall in love with a set of bowls? I think yes.