Roundup: Cocktails and Spirits for St. Patrick’s Day Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

(Image credit: Nora Maynard)

Looking for a way to toast St. Patrick’s Day next Wednesday without resorting to green beer? Here are a few spirited drink ideas from our archives:

Maybe a mug of something warm:

Irish Whiskey Skin: Keep the chilly lions of March at bay with this old-timey cousin of the hot toddy garnished with a long strip of lemon rind (see pic above).

Irish Coffee: Hot coffee with sugar, cream – and whiskey. The perfect after-dinner drink.

Hot Rum Cow: With its whimsical name and tempting list of ingredients (piping hot milk, dark rum, vanilla, aromatic bitters, and sugar), this recipe from the Merchant Hotel Bar in Belfast is a real keeper (see pic below).

Or something a little cooler:

James Joyce Cocktail: A cocktail designed by mixologist, Gary Regan, with Irish whiskey, red vermouth, lime juice, and triple sec.

Guinness Milkshake: Looking for something a little richer and creamier? Something that doubles as a dessert? How about a Guinness milkshake?

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Or maybe a nip of Irish whiskey would hit the spot:

The Trouble With Irish Whiskey (and James Joyce Cocktails): Bushmills vs. Jameson. When it comes to this subject, Irish whiskey-drinkers seem to be as divided as the Emerald Isle itself. Read more about what all the fuss is about here.

Whiskey vs. Whisky: What’s the Difference?: Although you might do well to drink whisky on Robbie Burns Day, whiskey‘s a more appropriate choice for March 17. Find out why here.

What will you be drinking St. Patrick’s Day?

Nora Maynard is a longtime home mixologist and an occasional instructor at NYC’s Astor Center. She is a contributor to The Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food and Drink Industries and is the recipient of the American Egg Board Fellowship in culinary writing at the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow. She previously covered food and drink in film at The Kitchn in her weekly column, The Celluloid Pantry.

(Images: Nora Maynard)