This Massive $11 Bag of Sriracha Almonds Is the Hottest Thing at Sam’s Club Right Now

updated May 22, 2020
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Sriracha almonds
Credit: Sam's Club

Shopping right now tends to be done with heads down, eyes on the list, trying to get what is needed and get out of the store safely and efficiently. Which is good for the health of society, but a little sad for folks who love grocery shopping — the joy of browsing aisles, looking for new products, and finding intriguing snacks to bring home. Without that, we all have to take to the internet to find the kinds of impulse buys that we can open and pop into our mouths while we binge entire series of Netflix shows. Like, for example, the new Sriracha almonds now for sale at Sam’s Club.

There are other Sriracha almonds on the market, but these are the only ones made in partnership with Huy Fong — the makers of Original Sriracha, with the rooster on the bottle. It’s California almonds roasted in peanut oil and spiced to taste just like the famous sauce. The Sam’s Club package is 24 ounces — one and a half pounds — of nuts for $10.98. If you aren’t going to make it through all of that in a single seating, no worries, as it comes with a resealable zipper to keep them fresh. 

Beyond snacking, they work well to garnish a salad, since they already have all the chile, garlic, and vinegar flavor you’d want along with the crunch of a good topping. Or try combining them with some dried fruit to create a hot and sweet trail mix. As an alternative, you could smash them up and use them to top any sort of savory tart, steamed vegetables, or soft potato dish, or use them to make a crust for a piece of fish.

It’s almost like we live in a world where we already put Sriracha on almost anything, and these almonds just make it all the easier.