A Simple Tip to Keep in Mind the Next Time You Buy Organizers

published Mar 11, 2022
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Whether you’re organizing your refrigerator, bathroom drawers, or your home office, the right organizers can go a long way in creating an effective organizational system. But not all organizers are created equal. Some are incredibly stylish but not as functional, while others might be brilliantly designed but not as attractive.

“When you see bins on the endcap at impulse-level prices, it doesn’t mean those bins are fantastic for organizing,” says professional organizer Leslie Hatch Gail. “It means the store is trying to sell you organizing products.”

So what should you look for the next time you’re shopping for organizers? There’s one important thing, according to Gail, to look for — and that’s organizers with right angles.

Why You Should Use Organizers with Right Angles

For one thing, Gail says, there’s a lot less room inside an organizer with rounded edges. This type of organizer also wastes precious space in drawers and on shelves, which are usually angular. Bottom line: “Any square box will be more effective because it doesn’t waste space.”

Gail admits that it’s harder to find square organizers; that’s partially because containers with rounded edge are easier to stack on those endcap areas that she mentioned above.

That said, she likes The Container Store or the bathroom aisle at big box stores for good angular options. And, if you’re searching for a thriftier storage box, Gail says there’s nothing wrong with using boxes you already have in your home — think shoe boxes, granola bar boxes, or even the small boxes your Amazon delivery came in. “It may not be not as attractive, but there’s a difference between organizing and styling,” she says.

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