Garlic Sprouting Too Fast? Preserve It for Later With This Tip!

071012-garlic.jpg Although I’d like to report that I immediately use every fresh ingredient that comes into my kitchen, occasionally those potatoes sprout eyes, the lettuce wilts and, inevitably, the garlic starts to sprout. Here’s a great tip to keep to preserve and use that sprouted garlic all up!

Last week we talked about preserving fresh herbs by freezing them in olive oil. A dear and loyal reader MUSE2323 shared their tip for putting to use garlic that’s about to sprout.

Instead of frantically trying to use all the sprouted garlic on the day you discover it, MUSE2323 suggests chopping and tossing it in olive oil just like we did with the herbs. When frozen this way it makes for a great starter to your frying pan, sauces or even soups.

Thanks MUSE2323!

(Image: Flickr member ccharmon licensed for use by Creative Commons)