Sprouted Spaghetti Squash: Is It OK To Eat?

published Dec 15, 2009
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We got quite a surprise when we split open this spaghetti squash – inside were sprouted seeds! Has this ever happened to you? Did you eat it?

First of all, we knew our squash was a little old when we cut it open. In addition to the sprouts, it appeared dried out. But was it edible? After reading several conflicting opinions online, we decided to just try it for ourselves. Not a fun experience – the flesh and sprouts were alarmingly bitter. Sadly, we wound up chucking it in the compost.

This particular squash had been sitting on the counter for a couple of weeks. Although we had never had a problem with keeping winter squashes there before, perhaps our local temperature fluctuations were not ideal. Or maybe the squash was already old when we bought it. In the future, we’ll take care to store our squashes somewhere consistently cool, dry, and dark. Spaghetti squashes may last up to six months stored at 50-60 degrees with good air circulation.

(Image: Emily Ho)