10 Spring Sheet Pan Dinners That Are Fast, Easy, and Super-Tasty

updated Jun 29, 2021
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When it comes to weeknight cooking, I’m looking for that fast/easy/tasty trifecta. Sheet pan dinners nail it every single time: There’s limited prep work and barely any dishes to clean up when all is said and done. You get (at least) one complete meal; for my family, there’s often enough for leftovers that I can pack in a sturdy storage container and eat the next day for lunch.

You’ll always find at least one sheet pan recipe on my meal plan, and with spring (and spring veggies!) coming soon, I’m even more excited than usual for this weeknight dinner hero. Asparagus, baby potatoes, and carrots are perfect candidates for the sheet pan treatment — as are spring herbs and classic proteins like chicken and salmon.

Here are 10 fast/easy/testy recipes I plan to cook this season.

1. Crispy Salmon and Potatoes

You don’t need to spend hours marinating salmon fillets to infuse them with flavor. Here, they hang out in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic for just 10 minutes before heading to the oven with asparagus and thinly sliced potatoes.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Crispy Salmon and Potatoes

Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. Veggie Frittata

Serve this vegetable-packed frittata with a simple salad for dinner and then tuck away the rest for the perfect on-the-go breakfast or lunch. Pack up a square as-is or slip one in between two slices of bread for a heartier meal.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Veggie Frittata

3. Honey-Dijon Chicken and Vegetables

Tossing chicken, broccoli florets, baby potatoes, and red onion chunks in sweet and tangy honey mustard not only ensures each bite will be flavorful, it also prevents the meat from drying out in the oven.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Honey-Dijon Chicken and Vegetables

Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Shrimp Tacos

Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or just another weeknight, this recipe can be your new go-to. It comes together fast, thanks to quick-cooking shrimp and there’s barely any cleanup, which can be hard to achieve on taco night.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Shrimp Tacos

5. Broiled Steak & Asparagus with Feta-Cream Sauce

This smart recipe calls for placing a wire cooling rack onto the sheet pan. That lets you broil the steak on top of the asparagus spears. They’ll soak up the meat’s flavorful drippings while the steak cooks evenly on all sides .

Get the recipe: Broiled Steak & Asparagus with Feta-Cream Sauce

Credit: Chungah Rhee

6. Sheet Pan Chicken with Red Potatoes and Sage

If you can get your hands on spring onions, which are some of the first things to arrive at the farmers market, use them in place of the scallions. It will lend an extra seasonal touch to this classic dinner.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken with Red Potatoes and Sage

Credit: Joe Lingeman

7. Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies

Try this no-boil method for making a bag of potato gnocchi, and you may never go back! The crispy exterior and chewy interior is entirely different, and entirely delightful. Here, we recommend cherry tomatoes and baby bell peppers, but any seasonal veggies (asparagus, carrots, green beans) will work!

Get the recipe: Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies

Credit: Kimberley Hasselbrink

8. Roasted Asparagus & Ricotta Pizza

Pizza is perhaps the original sheet pan dinner. And a white pizza with asparagus is one of the best ways to celebrate spring. If you pick up pre-made dough from the store on your way home, then this recipe becomes a weeknight breeze.

Get the recipe: Roasted Asparagus & Ricotta Pizza

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: Pearl Jones/Kitchn

9. Sheet Pan Pork Loin with Herb Potatoes and Vegetables

This recipe calls for three ingredients you can find at Trader Joe’s: A boneless pork loin, seasoned butter, and a bag of frozen vegetables. Separately, they may not sound like much, but put them together and you have a meal that’s worthy of an impromptu weeknight dinner party.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Pork Loin with Herb Potatoes and Vegetables

Credit: Chungah Rhee

10. Steak and Veggies

Feel free to use any mix of vegetables you like for this simple meat-and-veggies dinner. If you do see true baby carrots, though, which are typically only available in the spring (not the ones that are shaped in a processing facility), snag them. They have an extra sweet flavor that is perfect for roasting.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies