Spring Preserves: Quick Radish Pickles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We usually think of pickling and preserving late in the summer or fall, when summer’s bounty of vegetables means jars of tomato sauce and tangy pickles. But what about pickling one of spring’s quintessential treats: the radish?

Radishes are one of the first things to come up in the spring garden. They grow from seed to final veggie in as little as three weeks! If you have an early bounty of radishes from the garden or the market, what about making a bowl of these beautiful pickles?

This recipe from Gourmet has a brine of sugar, fresh ginger, and rice vinegar that complements the spiciness of radishes. They look so beautiful and crunchy-delicious; we can’t wait to try them!

Get the recipe: Quick Radish Pickles at Gourmet

(Image: Stephanie Foley)