Spring Hostess Gifts from Your Kitchen

My favorite hostess gifts to give and receive are those that come from the kitchen and garden. They aren’t extravagant, just something simple and thoughtful like a bouquet of herbs or a little bottle of homemade syrup. Are you attending any gatherings this spring? Here are five lovely gifts to consider. 

• 1. Preserved Lemons – This versatile ingredient will delight many cooks. If preserved lemons might be new to your host, include a card printed with ideas for using them

• 2. Homemade Vinaigrette – The perfect accompaniment to all the beautiful spring greens right now. For a nice presentation, dress up the jar with parchment paper and twine (see post for example). 

• 3. Herb Bouquet – Tie together sprigs of herbs from your garden or farmers’ market — simple, seasonal, and fragrant. 

• 4. Herb-Infused Spirits and Syrups – Lemon verbena, rosemary, lovage, mint … all these herbs and more can be used to make an infused spirit or syrup. 

• 5. Strawberry Basil Syrup – Turn sweet spring strawberries into a gorgeous syrup that your host can stir into drinks and pour over desserts. 

(Images: See linked recipes for full image credits)