Spring Hostess Gifts from Your Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
and receive are those that come from the kitchen and garden. They aren’t extravagant, just something simple and thoughtful like a bouquet of herbs or a little bottle of homemade syrup. Are you attending any gatherings this spring? Here are five lovely gifts to consider. 

• 1. Preserved Lemons – This versatile ingredient will delight many cooks. If preserved lemons might be new to your host, include a card printed with ideas for using them

• 2. Homemade Vinaigrette – The perfect accompaniment to all the beautiful spring greens right now. For a nice presentation, dress up the jar with parchment paper and twine (see post for example). 

• 3. Herb Bouquet – Tie together sprigs of herbs from your garden or farmers’ market — simple, seasonal, and fragrant. 

• 4. Herb-Infused Spirits and Syrups – Lemon verbena, rosemary, lovage, mint … all these herbs and more can be used to make an infused spirit or syrup. 

• 5. Strawberry Basil Syrup – Turn sweet spring strawberries into a gorgeous syrup that your host can stir into drinks and pour over desserts. 

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