Spotted at Trader Joe's: 5 Great Staples for Our Pantries

Spotted at Trader Joe's: 5 Great Staples for Our Pantries

Emma Christensen
Apr 13, 2011

I had a few extra minutes to wander around the store on my last visit to Trader Joe's, and I discovered a whole slew of products I'd never noticed before! These five became instant additions to my pantry.

These products aren't necessarily new to Trader Joe's, but with so many products coming and going from that store, it's hard to always keep track! These five are so good for quick meals and baking that I really hope they're here to stay.

1. Artichoke Hearts with Stems - The stems are my absolute favorite part of the artichoke. They're just as tender and delicious as the artichoke heart, but they're usually removed when frozen or canned.

2. Julienne-Sliced Sundried Tomatoes - This one is just so convenient. We can just scoop exactly what we need right out of the jar and put it directly into whatever we're making.

3. Almond Meal - For all our gluten-free and macaron-making needs!

4. Morbier, Raclette, and Sheep's Milk Cheeses - If you don't live near a good cheese shop (like I do!), these cheeses can be hard to find. Or are prohibitively expensive when you do. I did a little dance when I saw these in the cooler.

5. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Callets - Another happy find. Remember those incredible chocolate chip cookies from the New York Times, which called for callets? I had trouble finding callets back then, but not any more!

Have you made any recent discoveries at Trader Joe's? Please share!

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(Images: Emma Christensen)

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