Splish Splash, Taking a Bath: What Are Good Snacks for Relaxing in the Tub?

Splish Splash, Taking a Bath: What Are Good Snacks for Relaxing in the Tub?

Emma Christensen
Mar 20, 2008

Reading through all the great Bathroom Month posts over at our sister site got us thinking: when is the last time we actually took the time for a honest-to-goodness bath? With our hectic schedules, a long warm bath sounds like such a luxury.

But why not treat ourselves! A bath can be a relaxing and wonderfully self-indulgent way to end the day. And, of course, one of the most important elements to a good bath is having the proper snacks on hand. What munchies are a must-have for your bath-time relaxation?

Check out our thoughts on the perfect bath-time munchies below the jump...

We think that a good bath-time snack must be

  • Easy to eat. We definitely don't want anything that would require a plate or cutlery. A bowl of nuts, cheese and crackers, or a good old PB&J cut into quarters fit the bill. We might make an exception on the cutlery rule for pudding.
  • Fine getting a little splashed. Bath-time is not the place for anything fussy. Give us some sliced fruit or raw veggies and we're happy.
  • Long-lasting. We like a snack that we we can nibble slowly as we soak our cares away. We're thinking of things that take a bit of chewing like caramel candies. Or maybe a piece or three of fine chocolate that would melt in our mouths one bite at a time.

And certainly, no bath is complete without a glass of wine or tea and a good book!

What are your favorite treats to eat in the tub?

(Photo: Emma Christensen for The Kitchn)

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