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The Spinn Coffee Machine Is the Splurge That Keeps on Giving

updated Dec 20, 2023
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Spinn smart coffee maker shown with an iphone on a graphic background
Credit: Amazon

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I often joke that I would be lost without coffee. Whereas some creatives have a muse or an endless well of creativity to draw from, I have the black expanse that steams in the mug closest to my fingertips. So, when Spinn offered to let me try its namesake coffee maker, the first question that came to mind was this: How much is my caffeine dependency worth? 

This ultra-sleek machine can grind and brew beans in a minute flat, filling a cup to the brim with either coffee, cold brew, or espresso. It has an oversized water tank, too, so it’s possible to select a mere serving of liquid energy or an entire carafe. And, because we’re living in a “but make it smart” era, all of this can be done through the Spinn app, spurring a situation where you really can have a barista-esque experience in your kitchen. 

But here’s where it gets tricky: The Spinn Original is pricey. Like, very pricey.

Throughout the years, many young people have been told that if they cut their expensive coffee-errand habit from their routines, they might be able to afford the trappings of adulthood. A down payment on a property, paying off student loans, or building an emergency fund are all inherently possible, these money experts would argue, if more ladder-climbing professionals just made their coffee at home. This argument can go back and forth for some time — particularly if you’re two cups deep in espresso — but perhaps all of those people who think countertop coffee is a surefire way to financial independence never actually considered how much an at-home machine could cost. 

Credit: Spinn

The Spinn Original is a chunk of money. It’s the type of purchase that you have to justify by thinking about all of the to-dos that make you tired and dividing that by all the ways this machine would make you less so. You would probably whisper the cost to your closest friends if budgeting is part of your bond, or post it prominently if instigating FOMO is more your jam. But let me say something that’ll tip the bean-scale in Spinn’s direction: Holy moly, this makes a good cup of coffee. If I had to put a price on my caffeine dependency, it would be what this wonder is worth. 

In other words, if you’re going to put a dent in your savings, it might as well have the smooth curves of a Spinn coffee machine. Yes, it’s an investment — but given that this machine provides a one-stop range of options and delivers coffee as fast as a rush-hour Starbucks drive-thru, it is worth some serious consideration.

I followed the directions on the box carefully, which entailed downloading the company app, determining my preferences, and filling the water tank with an included filter in place. Know that the weight of the machine is comparable to a stand mixer, so you might need a friend to help you get it out of the box.

Next, I poured the beans that Spinn produces in Los Angeles into the hopper evenly, and then selected the type I was using in the app — oh yes, you’d better believe that the app will brew your order according to your specific bean. I placed my cup on the drip tray, pressed the button on the front of the machine, and was sipping away in no time. There’s also the option of doing “remote brewing,” if ever I want to have my order magically appear as I get out of bed, and there are clear instructions for cleaning, too. 

The standard coffee was strong and not too bitter, which is the goal if you’re a give-it-to-me-straight drinker like yours truly. The espresso made me feel like I could finally write that novel I always planned on doing, and potentially in just one afternoon, while a larger batch of cold brew stayed flavorful for two days. Spinn has additional equipment, like a milk frother and a carafe, to enhance the experience, but I was satisfied with a simple cup alone.

After all, with a machine this tricked-out, even the basics are beautiful.