Twitter Reacts to This Outrageous Sandwich That Is Mostly Just Spinach

updated Dec 13, 2019
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Credit: Ataly / Shutterstock

Sandwiches are a favorite topic for Twitter discussion: what qualifies something as a sandwich (is a hot dog a sandwich?), if they should be cut into triangles or squares, what order the peanut butter and jelly go in, and if there should or should not be mayonnaise. But this week sandwich Twitter left the classic questions behind and took on an altogether new conundrum: what the heck is happening with the spinach on this monstrosity?

Tweeted by Josh Gondelman, the hilarious author of an essay collection called Nice Try: Stories of Best Intentions and Mixed Results and a writer and producer for the show Desus & Mero, the sandwich has what can only be described as a mountain of the green vegetable on it. “I don’t know what message she’s trying to send,” wrote Gondelman in the initial tweet, “but the lady at my bodega snuck an entire salad onto my sandwich.”

The sandwich seems to have a lovely, generous amount of avocado, sliced turkey, and a bit of mayo, an average bun, and then a good couple inches of clean, flat, beautifully arranged spinach. The responses range from declarations of chaos (which, given the intense care clearly given to the spinach, seems easily rejected) to folks who point out this is a bonus or a blessing — free salad, after all. Mostly, though, people just seem weirded out: for what possible reason could this woman have put so much spinach on the sandwich? One idea might be that Gondelman did request no tomatoes, so perhaps she replaced the height of the tomatoes with spinach. Though that still doesn’t seem to be quite enough to explain it.

So it just remains a mystery — and an open discussion of what, exactly, the right amount of spinach for a sandwich is. But for Gondelman, at least, it isn’t this: down thread, the author admits that he ended up having to pull out almost all of the spinach and eat it with a fork.