Less Sweet Holiday Treats: Pfeffernusse Cookies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In between gorging on caramels and sugary holiday cookies, it’s nice to have one or two treats that veer toward the other end of the spectrum. These pfeffernusse cookies with candied citrus peel and a dash of pepper fit the bill quite nicely!

We did a little research and found that pfeffernusse (or feffernous) cookies are a traditional Christmas cookie around Denmark, Germany, and parts of Eastern Europe. They’re similar to gingerbread, but with black pepper and some form of citrus to amp up the flavor. Many recipes also use ground nuts, which accounts for why their name means “pepper nut.”

The cookies are pretty hard when first baked and can be dunked in a warm mug of coffee or tea (or mulled wine!) to soften them up.

We just came across this recipe and are excited to add them to our holiday cookie line-up!

Get the Recipe! Feffernous Cookies from Dan Phiffer

Have you ever made these cookies before?

(Image: Flickr member Dan Phiffer licensed under Creative Commons)