We Tried Goldfish’s Brand-New Flavor and Have A LOT of Thoughts (“Delicious!” “Spot-On!” “Weird!”)

published Jun 12, 2024
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Goldfish cookies background. Closeup view of fish-shaped salted crackers. Small biscuits.
Credit: Iryna Tolmachova / Shutterstock

I grew up in a Goldfish-loving household. Often, our pantry was stocked with that classic cartoonishly large carton of the classic Cheddar flavor because the small bags would be devoured by my family within a day. I always used to look forward to having them in my lunch box as a kid. “The snack that smiles back” is loved by adults and children alike, striking the perfect balance of cheesy, crunchy, savory, and salty. They are great alongside a sandwich or for a midday afternoon snack when you need a little something to get you through until dinner. 

Beyond their iconic Cheddar flavor, Goldfish offers many more, ranging from Pizza to sweet options like S’mores. There’s also the Flavor Blasted line, which really takes their flavors to the next level like Sour Cream & Onion and Cheddar Jack’d. And don’t forget the limited-edition runs with popular brands, where things get really experimental, including Old Bay and Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spice

Speaking of experimentation, Goldfish recently launched its latest limited-edition flavor, Spicy Dill Pickle, inspired by fan requests and viral TikTok trends. So obviously I was eager to try them out; I gathered some Kitchn editors, and we got to work. 

Credit: Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

What You Should Know About Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish?

Pickles have been having a moment on TikTok. Last year, the “chikle” — a pickle wrapped and fried in cheese — went viral with millions of people re-creating the combo for themselves. Others fried eggs in pickle juice. More recently, people have been adding pickles to Dr. Pepper, calling it the “Dr. Pepper Pucker” and arguing that the briny acidity pairs well with the soda and elevates its flavor.  

Well, Goldfish has seen the buzz and got in on the trend with its newest concoction. “Overwhelming demand on social media and even a petition for a pickle flavor fueled the creation of our new Spicy Dill Pickle cracker,” said Janda Lukin, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Campbell’s Snacks, in a statement from the company. “This delicious and craveable summer snack is sure to satisfy Goldfish and pickle enthusiasts alike.”

The fan-requested flavor blends dill pickle with a kick from red chili peppers. Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish launched in June and are available for a limited run in retailers nationwide for $3.69 at stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, ADUSA, Albertsons, Meijer, Publix, and Wakefern. 

Credit: Mara Weinraub

My Honest Review of Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish

Pickles are polarizing, and admittedly our reaction to these new Goldfish crackers were, too. From the appearance alone, you can tell these aren’t your average Goldfish. They aren’t orange but instead a beige, buttery color with little specks of green from the pickle flavoring. When I popped a handful into my mouth, I noticed they have the same satisfying crispy, crunchy texture as classic Goldfish with a punch of briney, dill pickle flavor. 

It personally wasn’t my favorite (I’d choose the classic Cheddar any day of the week), but it definitely nailed the pickle flavor. While I do like the occasional pickle with a sandwich or burger, I’m not a massive pickle lover nor a big fan of pickle-flavored things. But if you are, I think the flavor is spot-on. I didn’t think it was spicy, granted I only had a few. Maybe if you ate a few handfuls, the heat would build.

However, Mark Marino, executive director of commerce, said, “Woo! They have quite a kick. I’d prefer them without the spice, as it distracts from the pickle flavor.”

Sofia Rivera, associate lifestyle editor, similarly had mixed thoughts saying, “I liked them in a weird way. When it comes to Goldfish, I only want the classic! But if I think of them as divorced from Goldfish, I would say they’re a tasty snack — which is surprising because I am not a big pickle gal! I think they’d be great to bring to a barbecue or have on hand at a happy hour.” 

Pickle lovers on staff had rave reviews: Lifestyle Editor Quinn Fish said, “I’m a pickle lover through and through, and these were so tasty. I find that a lot of pickle-flavored things don’t actually taste like pickles, and this one fell in the middle of the spectrum of not pickley and super pickley, but had a delicious dill flavor. They weren’t all that spicy, which was nice, and I’d definitely enjoy these on a charcuterie board or as a road-trip snack.” 

Alex Lepe, staff photographer, said, “Those Goldfish are delicious! Perfect little level of spice to go with a nice dill pickley flavor.” 

So if you’re a pickle fan or just in the mood to taste something different — give them a try for yourself!

Find it in stores/Buy: Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish, $7.38 for a two-pack