This Super-Absorbent Sponge Is Going Viral on TikTok Right Now — Here’s Why

published Jan 3, 2022
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Sink and sph2onge
Credit: Sph2onge

Satisfying video clips have a tendency to blow up on social media, and footage of this super-absorbent sponge doing its thing is no exception. It’s called the SPh2ONGE, and it’s currently raking in millions of views and likes on TikTok.

The SPh2ONGE uses “open cell technology” to suck in just about any liquid it’s placed on. First finding fame on Instagram, the SPh2ONGE more recently headed over to TikTok where its fanbase exploded, thanks to the creator’s interaction with comments.

The more people doubt the SPh2ONGE’s power, the more the SPh2ONGE shows them that they’re wrong, absorbing all sorts of spills — and racking up serious views in the process.

The SPh2ONGE comes in four different colors, and each is able to hold eight times its weight in liquid. To keep it clean, simply rinse and wring the SPh2ONGE out when you’re done using it and let it dry — it will harden if not in use for a while, so just run it under water again when it’s time to clean.

These sponges are non-drip, streak-free, and can be used damp to dust and remove pet hair. And if you really want to keep your SPh2ONGE around for a while, you can actually throw it in the washing machine with your laundry for a refresh.

The U.K.-based company now offers a handful of different cleaning products to join your SPh2ONGE in the kitchen, including a super-absorbent cloth, a scouring pad, and environmentally friendly wood-based cellulose sponge wipes. You can give the entire line of products a go with the SPh2ONGE Beginner Bundle.

Reading the reviews is always fun, but watching the TikToks? Now that’s the kind of cleaning testimony you can’t resist.

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