Speedy Lunch Prep! Make a Sandwich Station

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is packing a lunch (or three) part of your morning routine? Would you like a way to streamline it just a little bit before the school year starts again? (It’ll be here before you know it.) One mother repurposed an old drawer into a sandwich station that she says helps her throw packed lunches together in less time than ever.

This project comes from Curbly community member Miki40. She found an old drawer, painted it, and hung it on the wall after adding places to store plastic wrap, paper towels, napkins, rubber bands and other lunch sack supplies. She even added a cork board on the side. This could be used for recipes, sticky-notes for your children’s lunchboxes, and more.

The whole thing is mounted on the wall in a small corner of the kitchen, over a little workspace where she can assemble lunches quickly.

See the whole project: How To: Make a Sandwich Station from a Recycled Drawer at Curbly

I am impressed by her ingenuity! Hey — when packing lunches for more than two people at some ungodly hour of the morning, every little bit of organization helps!

(Images: Miki40/Curbly)