This $3 Aldi Pantry Staple Is So Good, I Buy a Jar Every Week

published Sep 25, 2022
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My son often finds himself getting stuck in jams. Fruit jams, that is! No matter if it’s jams, jellies, or fruit spreads, he loves them all. He eats them not by the spoonful, but by the jar.  As a connoisseur of fruit preserves, he’s fond of some of the brand-name, imported, and small-batch varieties. But at a minimum of $6 or $7 a jar, it’s not in my weekly food budget to keep those stocked in my pantry.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a new favorite at Aldi that rivals these pricier picks: Specially Selected Premium Blackberry Fruit Spread. At $2.99 a jar, this spread is a delicious alternative that’s easier on my wallet.

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

What’s So Great About Specially Selected Premium Blackberry Fruit Spread?

Aldi introduced its line of Specially Selected fruit spreads in a variety of flavors a few years back as a seasonal item. Since then they’ve proved to be so popular, now they’re available year-round. Their demand is no surprise when you try a jar — they’re absolutely delicious.

While Aldi also sells fruit spreads in strawberry and raspberry varieties, the blackberry jam is my son’s favorite. (I pick up a jar at least once a week.) Made with 75 percent fruit, it’s sweet, but with a gentle tang that keeps it from going cloying, and thick with chunks of fruit and a few seeds for added texture. Aldi’s blackberry fruit spread taste just as rich and fruity as the expensive imported varieties; I’d even say it beats homemade jam!

What’s the Best Way to Use Specially Selected Premium Blackberry Fruit Spread?

Besides eating it straight out of the jar, we spread it on brioche buns, slather it on French toast, and even mix it in oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. It’s great on regular toast, but it will elevate a humble PB&J even further if you pair it with natural peanut butter and slices of vanilla brioche (also found at Aldi). A jar of blackberry fruit spread also makes these fancy breakfast pastries a breeze to make.

The jam goes great in savory applications, too: I’ve added it to goat cheese and turkey wraps for a sweet background that plays off all the saltiness. I’m sure it would go great on a cheese or charcuterie board as well.

As autumn is starting to set in, this fruit spread reminds me of the warm days of summer and its abundant produce. My son simply says it tastes awesome. Both are reason enough to keep buying it.

Find it in stores: Specially Selected Premium Blackberry Fruit Spread, $2.99 for 9.95 ounces

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