This Video of People Making a “Spaghetti Table” Is Actually, Maybe Brilliant

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Credit: Elena Eryomenko / Shutterstock

Within nearly every viral food video on TikTok, great or terrible, lies some kernel of brilliance. In the case of one of the app’s most recent successes, it covers the whole gambit: brilliance, awfulness, and a gossipy conversation in the background. The video demonstrates the making of what they call “Spaghetti Table,” a new twist on a classic dish, transforming the all-American version of noodles with meatballs and red sauce into big, group serving.

Using a card table covered in aluminum foil as a tray, the video shows how to prepare the dish as a communal plate, like you would see for nachos. The process starts by adding a layer of tomato sauce to the foil, followed by the first layer of spaghetti, and then a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Then, as the narrator intones, “more cheese,” this time a shredded Colby Jack, followed by another layer of sauce. At this point, the camera zooms out and you can see there’s an empty spot cleared into the center. That gets filled with a pile of meatballs, then another round of the shredded cheese, and more sauce. Finally, the garlic bread goes down, lined up all around the edges. 

A lot of the commenters seem upset that the dish is meant to just be eaten directly, the way you would a similar platter of nachos. The original creator answers questions in the comments noting that it was for just four people, so they each kind of had their side. Eating is a communal activity — people share hot pots, fondue, and charcuterie boards. This seems to be more about yucking someone else’s yum than anything else.

That said, if I were to do a similar serving style, I’m going to admit that I would be using a rimmed pan and not doing it over a carpeted floor. But maybe these people are just less messy than me.