This $23 Amazon Find Turned the Top of My Stove Into Storage (It’s So Stylish!)

published Apr 19, 2024
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kitchen with blue pot on the stove
Credit: Photo: Lucy Schaeffer; Prop Styling; Tom Hoerup

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started running low on kitchen storage. Considering that I share a space with two roommates (and all of their belongings) in New York City, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I had to start getting strategic with how I stow all of my gear and gadgets. As soon as I realized all of my cabinets were full, I thought back to an ingenious gem that I came across a few months ago: a magnetic stovetop shelf.

That’s right: You can turn that weird, unusable ledge on your stove into a shelf. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw it, and now that my storage situation is becoming dire, I figured that it’s the perfect occasion to try one out for myself. After taking my search to Amazon, I realized that the overwhelming majority are made of plastic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — our executive lifestyle director owns one and loves it — but I wanted a version that better matched my apartment’s more natural aesthetic. Enter: SpaceAid’s bamboo option.

What is the SpaceAid Bamboo Stove Shelf Organizer?

The fact that SpaceAid’s stovetop shelf is made of bamboo instead of plastic isn’t the only quality that sets it apart from others: It also comes in two pieces (which are 15” wide and 4” deep) instead of one. On the bottom of each piece is a large, strong magnet that makes sure it doesn’t budge. It’s only compatible with flat stoves, so be sure to check if yours has a slight curve. The shelf also offers back and side lips to make sure nothing falls, and you can also stick on the included labels if you want to organize your space even further.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love SpaceAid’s Bamboo Stove Shelf Organizer

As you might be able to tell from my photo, the separate pieces turned out to be an especially useful feature, because I (foolishly) forgot that my oven’s light switch sits on top of my stove. Thankfully, I’ve still got a ton of use out of the lone 15” shelf (and if you’re in the same light switch predicament, I’m sure you will, too). It still holds all of my most-used spices and cooking spray. Instead of cluttering the countertop when I’m cooking, they sit out of the way, but are still easily accessible. You can go the same route as me and turn it into a space rack, but this shelf can also serve a number of other purposes. You can balance your cutting boards on top — the magnets aren’t easily dislodged — line up food storage containers, or even just use it to display decor.

Maybe you aren’t working with a tiny kitchen, or you have plenty of room in your cabinets — still, you can’t beat how much convenience this $23 organizer offers. Plus, it’ll enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic! If you want to create even more storage out of thin air, SpaceAid also has a two-tier version for a few bucks more.