International Space Station Has Awful Coffee, Gets Espresso Maker

(Image credit: NASA/ESA)

What’s the number-one thing you would miss if you were on the International Space Station? If you said good coffee, you’re not alone.

Until recently, astronauts have had to drink coffee that’s been reconstituted from freeze-dried coffee instead of freshly brewed. Lavazza to the rescue!

Astronaut ice cream coffee might be great, but freeze-dried coffee? Not so much. That all changed recently thanks to Lavazza Espresso and Argotec, the Italian aerospace firm.

They designed a special machine that uses ready-to-brew packets that Lavazza already makes. While there hasn’t been much released about how the machine works, it is vastly different than your home brewer. It has to work in microgravity, after all.

The astronauts will also be able to skip the pouches, and drink from newly designed coffee mugs that can be held and drunk out of like a normal cup.