5 Souvenir Ideas for Food-Lovers and their Kitchens

published Jul 8, 2010
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Some of the greatest souvenirs we’ve received are food- or kitchen- related gifts from places we’ve never been. We try to return the favor when thinking of tokens to bring friends and family from our own trips. A few ideas follow:

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  • As suggested in this Kitchn post from last year, Vacation Souvenirs: Look For Local Cookware!, bring home cookware that’s particular to the place you’ve been visiting.
  • Spices can make an affordable and easy-to-carry souvenir for friends to recreate local flavors from your journeys.
  • Seek out table linens in regional styles and materials, like these from L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
  • Look for packaged foods and candies that you just can’t find at home.
  • Keep a diligent travel journal. Simply recording your favorite places to eat or grab a local snack can be of great use when giving travel recommendations to friends and family in the future.

What food- or kitchen- related travel gifts have been well-received from your travels? Let’s hear about your suggestions in the comments below.

(Images: Vacation Souvenirs: Look For Local Cookware!, Maya Saikali/Mediamatic, igougo, Old Dutch Candy Store via In Love with It Amsterdam, Flickr member Vivianna_love, licensed for use under Creative Commons)