Soup to Soufflé: 6 Ways to Use Béchamel

updated Jun 5, 2019
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As we talked about last week, a creamy and rich béchamel sauce is a super handy thing to know how to make. Just look at all these ways we use it in our cooking!

“Cream of…” Soups – Thin out the béchamel with a little more milk or some good stock and mix it with anything from mushrooms to chicken. You’ll never look at canned condensed soup the same way again.

Lasagna – Béchamel is the glue that binds the layers of a classic lasagna. And by glue, of course we mean creamy, velvety, luscious sauce!

Soufflé – Every good soufflé starts with a good béchamel. A healthy handful of cheese melted into the béchamel also helps, of course.

Casseroles and Gratins – This is one of our favorite comfort foods during the colder months. Everything from tuna noodle casserole”>tuna noodle casserole to vegetable pot pie can be made with a béchamel.

Macaroni and Cheese – Add cheese to a base of bechamel to make the silkiest, richest mac n’ cheese you’ve ever experienced.

White Sauce – Straight béchamel is so good spooned over biscuits! We fold in some sausage and slow-cooked onions for an extra-special Southern-style breakfast.

How do you use béchamel in your cooking?

(Image: Faith Durand)