Soup of the Day: French Red Onion Soup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We went looking for the very best Valentine’s Day soup, and here you have it. A classic: French onion soup. Why? Well, we think that French onion soup may just be the sexiest soup we know.

Once you get over the inherent silliness of calling such a prosaic thing as soup sexy, doesn’t French onion soup seem to fit the bill? It’s warm and silky, and it fills the house with the irresistable fragrance of caramelizing onions. It’s filling but not too heavy, and it’s the very picture of warmth, security, and comfort. That’s sexy!

It’s also a lovely dish for those of us dining solo on Valentine’s; we love cozying up with a good bowl of onion soup and a book.

Are you serving soup for Valentine’s?

• Get the recipe: French Red Onion Soup at Gourmet

Have a great soup recipe? Email us here if you have a recipe and photo to share. We may make it one of our Soups of the Day this month!

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