Spaetzle for Breakfast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love spaetzle and we often make our airy, tender Ricotta Spaetzle for dinner. We’ve never thought of them as breakfast food, but now we suddenly do…

Spaetzle are tiny German dumplings – not much more than flour, eggs, and water. They can be made orzo-tiny by pushing the batter through a ricer or special spaetzle-maker. Or they can be made, as we prefer them, by pushing thumb-sized lumps of batter off the end of a teaspoon.

Allen of Eating Out Loud took this approach and made his deliciously savory breakfast spaetzle manually, without a ricer.

He also added roasted red pepper and scallions and put a poached egg on top. Sheer deliciousness!!

See his recipe here: