I Never Thought I Could Love a Cutting Board This Much

published Jul 31, 2023
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A peeled apple and knife on a wooden cutting board
Credit: Kelli Foster

You might assume, because I’m a professional recipe developer, that an impressive, hefty wooden cutting board would be a staple in my kitchen. But I’m sorry to say that you’d be wrong. I’ve always had a large collection of cutting boards, in various sizes and materials, although never one I’d describe as super-sturdy or notably large, and definitely not anything I’d describe as an investment. Over the years I’d considered investing in a high-quality cutting board numerous times, but for one reason or another put it off, largely in part because part of me felt like a cutting board is a cutting board. 

Quick Overview

What’s to Love About the Sonder LA Winsome Maple Cutting Board?

So much! This solid wooden cutting board is large, sturdy, and perfect for the toughest jobs. It’s dual-sided with a juice groove around the edge of one side, and a deep well on the other side that’s perfect for holding chopped food. One of the best features are the hand holds on the sides that make lifting the board a breeze.

Credit: Kelli Foster

I finally stopped putting it off a couple months ago, and added the Sonder LA Winsome Maple Cutting Board to my kitchen. I can definitely say that after several months of heavy use (I have put this cutting board through the wringer) my view on cutting boards is forever changed. And more than that, the Winsome Cutting Board is the best thing I’ve added to my kitchen in years. 

What Is the Sonder LA Winsome Maple Cutting Board?

Made from sustainably sourced American maple, this handcrafted large wooden cutting board (it’s an inch-and-a-half thick and measures a nice 17×13 inches) is sturdy and ideal for everyday use. At first glance, this cutting board looks like your run-of-the-mill thick, solid wooden cutting board, but what really sets it apart are a few extra features that instantly feel like game-changers when you put the board to work. 

For starters, this cutting board is dual-sided. One has a juice groove around the outer edge to catch liquid that would otherwise spill onto the counter (it can hold nearly 1/2 cup of liquid!), and the other side has what Sonder LA refers to as a built-in signature “Cracker Well,” which is perfect for holding diced items or trimmings during prep, or to place crackers, olives, and nuts on a charcuterie board. There are also carve-outs on the sides of the cutting board that make it easy to lift and move around.

Credit: Kelli Foster

What’s So Great About the Sonder LA Winsome Maple Cutting Board?

The last thing I expected was to have strong feelings about a cutting board, but I absolutely love this board. I love it in the way that I genuinely get excited every time I use it (multiple times a day) and will wash it rather than reach for a clean one, which is saying a lot because I hate washing dishes.

I love the large size, which has easily accommodated watermelons (and kudos to that big juice groove because not a drop of juice spilled onto my counter), steaks, roast chickens, and vegetables, and should even hold my Thanksgiving turkey. At nine pounds, the board is sturdy and doesn’t slide around, which is huge for safety, although it’s not so heavy that it feels cumbersome. 

The “Cracker Well” is a game-changer for prep, and one of my favorite things about the Winsome Cutting Board. I thought I’d mostly rely on it for pushing chopped ingredients to the side, but I actually find this feature most helpful for pushing trimmings, peels, and scraps (think: onions skins and ends, carrot peels, and strawberry tops) aside during prep. And come holiday season when I host family, I’m excited to use this as both a breakfast board with bagels, spreads, and fruit and as a charcuterie board. 

Credit: Kelli Foster

I saved the best for last. My absolute favorite thing about this Sonder LA Winsome cutting board are those super-handy carve outs on the side for lifting the board. It is such a smart feature and truly makes moving the board so much easier. I never knew this was a feature I needed in a cutting board — and now that I have it, I can’t ever go back.

Beyond that, this cutting board has held up extremely well, without holding stains or odors, and has proved easy to clean. And for the quality, it’s also a great price point.