This $5 Ingredient Is My Secret for Quick (and Delicious!) Weeknight Meals

published Jun 18, 2024
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If you know me, then you’d know that I love cooking and rolling up my sleeves for a big culinary project. I particularly love making sauces and stocks with tons of flavor that comes from slowly (keyword: slowly) simmering meat, bones, veggies, and herbs in a big pot, then reducing it for hours until I’m left with a delicious vat of savory goodness. However, I’m not exactly able to embark on an hours-long culinary tour de force every night of the week — especially when I’m working in the office and have to commute to and from my apartment. By the time I change, go to the gym, come back, and shower, it’s usually around 8 p.m., and only then can I start working on dinner. That’s why I keep my pantry stocked with quick and easy items that let me eat delicious, high-quality food without the hassle. Lately, I had the opportunity to test out the SOMOS Simmer Sauces, and when SOMOS says it brings the quality of a Mexican restaurant into your kitchen, it’s not kidding. 

What Are the SOMOS Simmer Sauces? 

SOMOS Simmer Sauces are incredibly versatile pantry staples you can keep on hand to spice up your weeknight meals without the hassle. Available in a slew of flavors — Taco, Fajita, Green Enchilada, and Red Enchilada — the simmer sauces can fit every occasion. (There’s also Al Pastor, but it’s currently sold out.) And at just $10 for a two-pack of six-serving jars, it’s an incredibly affordable way to add flavor to your dishes. SOMOS uses fresh ingredients to bring the savory and delicious flavors of a Mexican restaurant directly to your kitchen at home. 

Why I Love the SOMOS Simmer Sauces

Personally, the idea of jarred sauces always felt a bit like cheating to me, but after a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is put more energy into a complicated sauce. That’s when these SOMOS Simmer Sauces come in clutch. They store easily, taste delicious, and are made with high-quality ingredients, which makes me feel better about slathering my meats and veggies in this stuff. The various flavors are great for keeping some diversity in the dishes, and they’re some of the most affordable sauces of their kind I’ve come across. We’ve used them for taco bowls, fajitas, enchiladas made ahead of time, and even as a topping for some salads. They’re also super versatile, and I’m planning on trying them out with marinating meats to pop on the grill come this year’s Independence Day. And if you’re running out of ideas, check out the company’s website for a ton of recipes that coincide with each jar of sauce, with everything from Chicken Enchilada Soup and Al Pastor Chicken Tacos to Cauliflower Tinga Tostadas and more. 

So if you’re looking for a way to add some high-quality flavor to your low-effort weeknight meals, you can’t go wrong with the SOMOS simmer sauces. They’re super versatile, easy to store, and affordable. Plus, you’ll be able to save all your culinary energy for the weekend! 

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