Some Facts About Ice Cream

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Did you break out the ice cream maker this weekend? Our recipe for Basic Vanilla Ice Cream was intended to get you started. We’ll assume this is a weekend project for you so we’ll share recipes late in the week, and other important summer ice cream making information earlier in the week.

Today, we have a look at a rundown of the different kinds of ice cream. From French ice cream to sorbet, there are some important differences between all the different desserts we tend to lump into the category of “ice cream.”

  • Ice Cream: has at least 10 percent milk fat. “Premium” ice cream has 13-17 percent. Yum.
  • French Ice Cream: contains eggs and is cooked first, like a custard.
  • Gelato: has less air whipped into it than ice cream, so it has a denser consistency.
  • Sherbet: contains more sugar but less fat than ice cream and is usually flavored with fruit.
  • Sorbet: same as sherbet, but without the dairy.