Solo Stove’s Cyber Monday Sale Includes the Reader-Favorite Tabletop Fire Pit That’s Perfect for S’mores

published Nov 28, 2022
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Credit: Solo Stove

There’s no doubt about it, we’ve officially entered the holiday season. With Turkey Day in the rear-view mirror and all the winter holidays on the road ahead, we’re in the thick of celebrations — and sales! In fact, it seems like every year the holiday savings events surprise us with even more to offer, and 2022 is no exception. With deals on fan-favorite blenders, the unmissable low prices at Amazon, and slashed price tags on seriously stunning storage solutions, this year might just have some of the best sales we’ve seen so far. But, the savings are far from over — actually, one of our most highly anticipated sales is still running. Cue the jingle bells!

We’re talking about Solo Stove. You know, the innovative, user-friendly, and smokeless fire pits that have become year-round essentials for so many of us here at the Kitchn? Right now, the brand is offering some ridiculously good prices on reader-favorite models including their recently released tabletop fire pit, Mesa. Every stove is on sale for up to 40 percent off (that includes their state-of-the-art pizza oven, BTW) and you can also score their accessories and bundles for up to 45 percent off. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to get your hands on one of these gorgeous game changers, the wait is over!

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Solo Stove

It makes a ton of sense that these smokeless outdoor fire pit makers would forge their way into the cookware game — their easy and effective pizza oven boasts ceramic insulation and wall-to-wall pizza stone to ensure an even cook. In other words, even amateur cooks can create a perfect pie in just two minutes. It comes as wood-fire only or as a combo of wood and gas, and your favorite home chef is sure to be raving about it for years to come.

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Solo Stove
was $399.99

This upgraded Solo Stove Bonfire has all the fan-favorite qualities of the original version — plus a removable ash tray to make cleaning up after your fire even easier. It weighs just 20 pounds and is a little over a foot tall. Due to its Signature 360-Degree Airflow design, it produces an efficient burn that requires little tending to once lit. Thanks to its double-wall structure, heated oxygen feeds through the top as well for an effective secondary burn. Aka, no fire babysitting — just toss a log on every now and then and enjoy.

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Solo Stove
was $89.99

This itty-bitty fire pit clocks in at under 7 inches tall and just over 5 inches wide, making it the perfect centerpiece on your outdoor table or an awesome source of ambiance perched off to the side. It’s available in six mod hues and comes with a nylon bag that makes toting it with you a breeze. The stand is collapsible and can nest right inside for compact storage, and thanks to those very same stand legs, the little fire-maker achieves the signature Solo Stove 360 Degree Airflow technology, igniting wood (or pellets) in no time at all. Translation: Your days of balled-up newspaper and lighter fluid are over!

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Solo Stove
was $749.99

This campfire-sized Solo Stove is easy to transport anywhere from campgrounds and tailgates to your chilly backyard. It’s constructed with long-lasting and surprisingly lightweight stainless steel, and its genius design allows it to efficiently and slowly burn through the wood of your choice. Plus, like all of its brothers and sisters, the Yukon is smokeless, making it an inclusive way for everyone to enjoy a campfire song or heart-warming s’mores regardless of allergies, asthma, or sensitive eyes. Oh, and did we mention it's $350 off!?

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Solo Stove
was $299.99

This ultra-portable pit is just the ticket for easy, smokeless, and long-lasting fires no matter where you are. The Ranger is crafted with extra-durable — yet seriously lightweight — stainless steel, and clocks in at just 15 inches in diameter and a foot tall. However, this 15-pound workhorse will keep you toasty and warm, especially in the soon-to-arrive winter wonderland! At under $200, we haven't seen a price this low yet.

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Solo Stove
was $569.99

This bundle has just about everything you need for a safe, enduring, and hot fire. Complete with one of Solo Stove's most popular models, the Bonfire, the bundle includs a removeable base plate/ash pan, a lid, stand, and a carry case. The lid allows you to transform the pit into a table (when it's not hot of course) or temporarily protect the fire pit if it starts raining or a gust of wind blows through. The stand will safeguard any heat-sensitive surfaces beneath the pit and the ash pan makes cleanup a breeze. If you plan on using this firepit often, which you absolutely will, buying this set is bound to pay off.

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Solo Stove
was $269.99

Snag this handy shield and put all your fire worries to rest. Compatible with the Yukon fire pit, this shield will contain embers and high reaching flames to keep you and the surrounding environment safe and happy. Plus, it comes with easy-to-use shield-removal tools that'll allow you to take off the shield burn-free, even when it's piping hot. Trust us, this simple addition is a totaly game changer for any Yukon owner.

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Solo Stove
was $1249.99

Wish your fire pit doubled as a BBQ? Solo Stove's got you covered! This Cast Iron Grill Cooking Bundle transforms the flame container into a bratwurst-worthy grill. Its cast-iron construction will retain heat beatuifully — and, even though the grate is set atop an open flame, you'll get even, beautiful sear marks every time. The bundle is complete with the grill grate, a hub that holds the grate above the flame, a remoable ash plate for easy cleanup, a stand for surface-safe flames, and, of course, the Yukon fire pit itself. Watch out BBQ, there's a new grill in town!

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Solo Stove
was $44.99

With any of the above models you'll need a little fuel for your fire. This kiln-dried Oak firewood is a great option for some of the smaller Solo Stoves. Because it's pre-dried, these short pieces of wood burn bright, hot, and long. Oh, and they'll light up super quick too — good news for those of us who aren't self-proclaimed pyromaniacs. The wood is safe for cooking, never cured with chemicals, and can maintain a flame of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn't get much better than that, folks!

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Solo Stove
was $99.99

We know the real reason you invested in a Solo Stove. It was for the s'mores right? Well, that's why you're here on our site ... great minds think alike (we are also pro anything s'mores). Luckily, we're not the only ones who have a slight obsession with the crunchy, chocolatey, ooey, marshmallowy treats — Solo Stove is right there with us! In fact, they've got this set of 36 inch, dishwasher-safe, stainless steel roasting sticks that'll keep your hands cool and marshmallows secure. S'more's not your thing? Fret not, you can pop a hot dog, veggie, or banana (hey, don't knock it 'til you try it!) on these handy tools for easy roasting.