Soft-Boiled Eggs & Toast Soldiers Conquer the Table

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Egg and soldiers — the only breakfast as classic as a nursery rhyme, invoking Humpty Dumpty, the king’s men, and an unfortunate accident to a delicate scalp. Few breakfasts offer the childlike satisfaction of cracking open a soft egg: eating with your hands, dabbling those fingers of bread in the golden yolk, nudging the white away from the shell with the tip of a miniature spoon.

If a soft-boiled egg is your idea of a good story, here are a few ways to get your egg and soldiers on the table more often.

A practical yet pretty egg cup — solid and low to the ground so you can’t knock it over. I really love everything from this pottery maker!

Inspired by King Henry VIII, naturally.

After Humpty has his fall, he can recuperate in bed. Or can he?

A little hat to keep your cooked egg warm and ready for your attacking spoon.

Last but not least, a whimsical set we’ve mentioned before and still love — Takae Mizutani’s take on egg and soldiers. (See more of her work here.)

How to Make a Proper Egg & Toast

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