This Brilliant Hack Doubles Your Closet Space (with Tabs from LaCroix Cans!)

updated May 20, 2020
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Opening a can of beer
Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you, like me, are sick of cramming clothes into your bedroom closet — and if you, also like me, are mildly obsessed with LaCroix and consume a 12-pack or more a week — then you’re about to benefit from a super-smart organization hack that doesn’t really require you to buy anything special. 

The first thing to do: Before you toss your LaCroix cans (or Bubly, or other sparkling water brand of your choice) into the recycling bin, remove the tabs from the top. Rinse ‘em off if you want to, then hold onto the tabs in a little container.

When you’ve accumulated a dozen (or two-dozen!) tabs, and you’re ready to do some light organizing, grab a cold can of your favorite LaCroix flavor and book it to your bedroom closet.

This is where things gets fun.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Grab a hanger (not a plastic one, though — you’ll need one with a metal or wire hook because plastic ones tend to be too big for this hack) and slide a tab over the hook of it. Then, grab a second hanger and slide the hook through the tab’s second hole. Boom! You’re on your way to twice as much closet real estate as you had before we started, without spending a penny you weren’t already going to spend. The idea here is that you’re using up more vertical space, which ultimately saves room on the closet rod for more clothes! (Note: I also like this hack when packing a garment bag, so that I only have to deal with one hook through the top of the bag.)

While a single can tab should work for most pieces of clothing, keep in mind that if you’re hanging something heavier, like a wool sweater or a jacket, you might need to try the same trick using two tabs instead of one.

Got any other super smart closet-organizing ideas? Share them in the comments below.