Eat. Sweat. Blog. The Social Workout Fall Challenge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We mostly talk about food — not fitness — here at The Kitchn. But of course food and fitness go hand in hand, so in the month of October we are teaming up with our friends at Social Workout, a brand new social networking blog built around the quest to stay fit and healthy in a busy world. We’re going to be helping them with the food aspects of their fall challenge. It will be a lot of fun — want to take the challenge with us? Read on for more details.

Social Workout’s mission is to fight back against the urban grind — the overworking and undersleeping, the serial restauranting, heavy cocktailing, and missed gym dates, not to mention the creeping cigarette or caffeine habits.

Eat.Sweat.Blog is the fourth Social Workout challenge, and the first ever focused on healthy eating.

The challenge is simple: You sign up (for Social Workout and the challenge itself) and then during the month of October you work out at least 20 times, and also complete at least ten of the “food feats” of healthy eating. These are fun and interesting, and range from going vegan or fast food-free for a month to doing a day of eating only brightly-colored or local food. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to eat all raw foods for a little while, this is your chance to do it and to check it off your list.

There are prizes involved, but the main satisfaction of course is the increased endorphins (all that exercise!) and the accomplishment of trying something new in your diet.

If you’re interested in the October challenge, check out Social Workout. They’ll be offering resources from The Kitchn for helping people in their healthy eating feats, and we’ll have some other good posts helping out during the month as well.