So. Many. Cucumbers. (But Yay For Peaches and Tomatoes!)

(Image credit: Cambria Bold)

If you’ve been following my CSA posts this year, you may be thinking: Hey! The last box you posted was from Week 5, and now it’s Week 8! What gives? Well, my friends, I was out of town over two pickup days, so I gave my share away on those days. But a lot can change in two weeks, I now see: my share this week was the biggest one yet! Arugula, peppers, eggplant, peaches — and the cucumbers. I fear I may drown in cucumbers.

In My Box This Week


Kale Eggplant Summer Squash Green beans Arugula Tomatoes Peaches Apples Zucchini Bell pepper Cherry bomb peppers Red potatoes

How I’m Going To Eat and Cook My Way Through It

Cucumbers: I have a half dozen cucumbers I need to get through, which means I’m going to be cucumber-ing it
up this week.
This roundup is a good place to start, as are these
cucumber noodle salads. If anything’s leftover after that, it’s 
cucumber juice, my friends.

Kale: I’ve had this 
Flavour Bomb Greens n’ Noodles recipe from My New Roots bookmarked for awhile. It sounds so fresh and tasty. Can’t wait to use my kale on it this week. (Did you get chard or spinach this week instead? That would also work instead of kale!)

Eggplant: A few weeks ago I made
Baba Ghanoush with my eggplant. It was delicious and definitely worth making again, but I think I’ll also make a batch of these 
Baked Zaatar Eggplant Fries. They make a great afternoon snack — no frying, lots of herbs, a little cheese.

Summer Squash: I love the look of these 
Summer Squash Tartines with Ricotta and Rosemary from Eats Well With Others. So summery and delicious — I want to eat one out on the porch with a tall glass of iced tea.

Green beans: Walnuts, miso, and ginger + green beans = AMAZING. Thank you to
The New York Times for

Arugula: Have you ever had arugula on pizza? It’s one of my favorite toppings. Anjali’s 
Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza makes a quick weeknight meal, and will totally satisfy your pizza craving.

Tomatoes: I find it hard to put tomatoes in anything when they’re so good enjoyed on their own, with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper — and ok. Good mozzarella, too. But it also seems a shame to pass up the opportunity to make a batch of really, really good tomato sauce, like Faith’s 

Peaches: For a perfect light-but-decadent summer desser made with just-ripe peaches, Nealey’s 

Apples: I was surprised to get apples this early in the season, but I’m not complaining. I plan to just eat them straight. No recipe, no special treatment. Just grab one and go.

Zucchini: I have yet to make some
Zucchini Bread this summer, so I may put my zucchini towards that. But you know what else sounds good? These 
Zucchini and Carrot Stuffed Fritters, especially if you’re feeling in more of a savory mood.

Green Bell Pepper: Here’s something I’ve never tried: 
Green-Pepper Butter. It’s the next step up from herb butter. Sounds tasty, right?

Cherry bomb peppers: These little red peppers are best when they’re stuffed, like these 
goat cheese versions from Fork Knife Spoon.

Red potatoes: What to do with potatoes? If all else fails, make a potato salad. In fact,

* * *

What did you get in your CSA box this week, and what will you be making? Share your recipes — links encouraged!

(Image: Cambria Bold)