So Cozy for Fall: Two Dark and Dreamy KitchensCountry Living

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last month we devoted a lot of space to bringing color into the kitchen. But we’ll admit that browns, grays, and black remain some of our favorite colors for home decor—yes, even in the kitchen. (Remember this brown kitchen? So lovely.) This time of year, we’d love to be cooking in either of these warm, enveloping spaces.

It depends on your taste, of course, but we think dark colors can work well in small and large kitchens. In a little space, a chocolate brown or navy blue can make the room feel so intimate and cozy (nice for a kitchen, right?). In a big kitchen, it can be a really beautiful, dramatic statement.

These two kitchens are opposites of each other, design-wise. One has dark walls and light cabinets and countertops; the other has the darker color on the cabinets, which we think makes them a focal point and sets off the white dishes.

We’re partial to the one on the left—the chocolate brown is a really delicious color, the walls won’t show splatters and stains, and it still looks really fresh and bright because of the white cabinets. (Also, it’s in the home of a buyer for Jayson Home & Garden, a great, stylish store.)

But what’s your preference? How do you feel about dark colors in a kitchen?

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