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The Incredibly Delicious Frozen Pizza Bites I’m Ordering on Repeat This Winter (Bonus: They’re Gluten-Free!)

published Dec 10, 2021
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Credit: Snow Days

If you’re anything like me, snack time is considered sacred. Sometimes, a frozen snack comes along that is so delicious, you actually look for excuses to rip open the freezer door and tear into a fresh pack. I recently came across one of the most drool-worthy frozen snacks I’ve ever had as an adult, and they remind me of the joys of being a little kid again. What’s this time capsule treat I speak of? I’m talking about Snow Days’ Pizza Bites.

Snow Days’ Grain-Free Pizza Bites are better than anything I had growing up. We all remember the limp, greasy ones from our childhood made from questionable ingredients, but these pizza bites are here to reimagine all of that. These pizza bites come in three tasty flavors: cheese, veggie white, and sausage, and believe me when I say they are all ridiculously satisfying. I’ve actually been shooketh by the sheer amount of how many of these little morsels I can put down in one sitting.

My favorite flavor of the bunch hands-down is the sausage variety, since they remind me of a classic slice of sausage pizza, rolled up into a bite-sized serving. Snow Days’ sausage is made from scratch using pasture-raised pork, combined with organic bell peppers, and grass-fed mozzarella. These are certainly not your average grocery aisle pizza bites. Plus, the gluten-free, cassava flour-based crust makes them crisp up perfectly in the oven.

Whether you’re looking for a gluten-free midday snack that won’t drag you down, an easy appetizer when you’re hosting friends or family this holiday season, or maybe even something to satisfy your late night munchies, I highly recommend Snow Days’ Pizza Bites. They’ll make you feel like a little kid again, in the tastiest way imaginable.