The Easiest Soup to Serve on Snow Day

published Jan 22, 2019
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You’ve just turned on the television and you can’t see a single sitcom character’s head because they’re all hidden behind a giant red banner that says WINTER STORM WARNING.That explains why you just watched your neighbor pull three gallons of milk and a bag of Ice Melt out of his trunk (you’d figured he’s got some really weird dessert recipes).

You too could have been out there waiting in line to buy an already dented loaf of bread or fighting a stranger for the last carton of milk, but you planned ahead. You’ve got firewood, hot chocolate and marshmallows, board games for days, your comfiest PJs, and plenty of hearty soup to keep you cozy and warm.

Yeah, you don’t want to brag, but you stocked up on Idahoan Steakhouse® Cheddar Broccoli Potato Soup for instant snow-day comfort. Even with the entire city closed down, you’ll have a restaurant-quality meal in less time than it takes you to get the kids into their snowsuits. (And that’s not even counting the time it takes to then get them out of their snowsuits…and then back into them when they change their minds again.)

With Idahoan Steakhouse® Soups, you’ll enjoy the hearty, slow-cooked taste of restaurant-quality soup made with real Idaho® potatoes, flavorful seasonings, and rich cheeses in minutes. And since you just have to add water, you can leave all of the milk for your snow-panicked neighbors. (Oh, and Idahoan has three other flavors of Steakhouse® Soups — Cheddar Potato, Loaded Potato, and Creamy Potato — all as simple to prepare and as delicious.)

So put on your warmest hoodie, pull on those wool socks you got over the holidays, and get ready to watch it snow. There’s nothing else you have to do today — especially if your neighbor is willing to shovel your sidewalk in exchange for a hot bowl of Cheddar Broccoli Potato Soup.

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