7 Sneaky Ice Cream Treats Pretending to Be Something They’re Not

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s been lots of talk the last few days about spaghetti gelato, or spaghettieis, due to New York’s Dolce Gelateria now selling these crazy lookin’ sundaes. Spaghetti gelato looks like a classic dish of pasta, but SHOCK, it is in fact ice cream with raspberry or strawberry sauce topped with coconut flakes (meant to look like parmesan cheese). So brilliant and perfect in every way. Here are a few more ice creams that are intended for a second look.

Spaghetti gelato isn’t a new idea by any means – apparently the sundae is quite popular in Germany. With all the insane hype that hybrid desserts have incurred this year (ahem, Cronut), I can only imagine that spaghettieis will be a coveted treat.

If ice cream or gelato can look like spaghetti, it can look like a lot of other things too. For example, these beauties:


  1. Spaghetti Gelato – bell’alimento
  2. Tacos – Half Baked Harvest
  3. Ice Cream Pizza – Just Us Four
  4. Cheeseburgers – Tablespoon
  5. Ice Cream Steak – Food Network
  1. Watermelon – Make and Takes
  2. Baked Potato – Martha Stewart
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