Snack Data: For Serious Snackers Who Don’t Take Snacks Too Seriously

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Snack Data has a serious goal: to become a definitive database of foods for snack-eaters around the world. But any website that describes a dill pickle as “a monster of its former self” really doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Each food catalogued on Snack Data includes a pixelated drawing of the snack alongside a general history and description of the taste. Some entries are straightforward, but our favorites add a dash of dry humor, like this description of fortune cookies:

It consists of a dough that’s been shaped like an origami Pac-Man so that it can house a strip of inedible paper that contains a message for the eater. The messages are meant to calm and/or encourage the reader, even though its house was just destroyed and likely devoured.

Visit the site, click “Random snack” and prepare to be amused.

Check it out: Snack Data

(Image: Snack Data)