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I Tried S’mores Blondies and the Results Were Not What I Expected

published Aug 31, 2022
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square baking dish of s'mores blondies
Credit: Aisha Joshi

There are some things that just taste like summer: a Popsicle, soft-serve, and, of course, s’mores. Although roasting marshmallows over a campfire is a sacred summer ritual, the marshmallow-graham cracker-chocolate combo can be made year-round. Case in point: Diane Morrisey’s recipe for s’mores blondies. With a graham cracker crust, blondie center, and gooey marshmallow and chocolate top, I was excited to give her recipe a try.

How to Make S’mores Blondies

The base of this dessert is very similar to the classic press-in crust, which means you’ll need crushed graham crackers. I placed all my graham crackers into a zip-top bag and used an empty wine bottle to gently crush the crackers into crumbs. After combining with melted butter and sugar, press the mixture into a baking dish. (Does anyone else always find this step incredibly satisfying?)

Next up is the blondie layer. If you’ve made classic blondies (or even chocolate chip cookies), the process for making the dough will be familiar. The biggest exception: You’ll need to stir in frozen marshmallows and shredded coconut in addition to chocolate chips. Frozen marshmallows will retain their shape better while baking. Sprinkle the blondie layer with more marshmallows, then bake until the top is golden, about 30 minutes.

While the blondies are still warm (this is important!), press chocolate squares into the warm blondies. Diane’s recipe uses caramel-filled Ghirardelli squares, but I opted for bites of dark chocolate. 

Get the recipe: S’mores Blondie Bars

Credit: Aisha Joshi

My Honest Review of S’mores Blondies

This recipe may have too many good things going on. Between the chocolate chips, chocolate squares, and the marshmallows, it was slightly over-the-top when it came to sweetness. And while I do love a graham cracker crust, I found that the base layer got lost in the blondies.

Something I absolutely loved? Those tiny, toasty marshmallows on top, reminiscent of a campfire. That nostalgic classic flavor was spot-on.

Credit: Aisha Joshi

If You’re Going to Make S’mores Blondies, a Few Tips

  1. Use a food processor. Crushing the graham crackers by hand is very therapeutic, but consider using a food processor makes it even easier.
  2. Scale back the chocolate. If topping the blondies with chocolate squares (as the recipe instructs), consider using less chocolate chips in the blondie layer.
  3. Add nuts. Because this dish has so many sweet elements happening, I recommend adding chopped walnuts or something that leans more savory.