Smoothie Tip: Use Coconut Water Ice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you use ice in your smoothies, you might like the frosty texture but not the way it tends to water down flavors. Here’s a tasty alternative: ice cubes made from coconut water.

Coconut water or juice is lightly sweet, refreshing, and loaded with minerals. I especially like adding it to green smoothies with kale or spinach (plus young coconut meat if I’m feeling really indulgent!), but its mild flavor works in practically any smoothie. For extra cold smoothies I use coconut ice, made by simply freezing coconut water in ice cube trays.

Coconut water ice cubes may also be served in freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices, sparkling water, or iced tea, cooling the drinks down and adding subtle flavor without diluting them.

(Image: Emily Ho)