Smitten Kitchen’s Tip for Incredibly Smooth Hummus: Have You Tried It?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I make hummus more often than I buy it. I find that not only is it inexpensive and fast, but making my own hummus tastes far better than the varieties I find at the grocery store. Fresh hummus has a spicy garlic taste that just never comes through in hummus that’s sat on shelves for weeks or longer. But in all of my hummus making, I had never heard of this particular tip. Have you?

In Deb Perelman’s post on hummus a few weeks ago she suggests peeling the chickpeas before blending them. That’s right, peeling the super thin, translucent skin off of each individual chickpea. I read the post and thought, ok, that sounds nice for someone with time to kill. But as I was whipping up a batch of hummus the other day I felt compelled to try it. And it worked! Smooth hummus without the grainy texture.

Crazy? A little. Have you tried it?

Get the recipe: Ethereally Smooth Hummus from Smitten Kitchen

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